At ABCDEDEN we help others through words, teaching and design. 

 We combine spiritual, practical, physical and invisible techniques for creative outcomes.  

Alice and Jamie have a shared enthusiasm for projects that care for human well being and the natural environment. 

Alice loves to share her life experiences with seminars and writing whilst Jamie is focused on his passion for design and architecture.


Alice Eden
Creative Director

Alice was born in Kurashiki, Okayama and moved to Tokyo in 2009. She has worked as a counselor and web designer. 

Alice is currently running seminars on subjects such as self counseling, philosophy and spiritualism. She is also a keen writer and event organiser for Global Han’ei.  


Jamie Eden
BSc (Hons) Dip Arch

Jamie grew up in the Suffolk countryside in the UK and studied architecture for 5 years in Sheffield and London. He worked as an architectural designer in London prior to moving to Japan on a working holiday Visa in 2016. Jamie joined an international architecture practice in Tokyo and met Alice soon after.

Jamie is now working as a freelance architectural designer and developing his own projects in Japan.

He loves exploring and drawing urban environments and is excited to see a sketch or drawing transformed into a physical output.

Alice and Jamie story so far


When she was little she hardly ever spoke. As soon as she could start to stand and walk, she always left her mother’s house and walked over by herself to her mother’s grandmother who lives nearby. Her good memories of her early childhood were only with her grandmother and aunt (who lived with her grandmother). Her grandmother working as something similar to a counselor or a healer, and during her childhood, when Alice was small, she always sat nearby and watched interactions with people who came to consult with her grandmother. Her aunt was also a loving person like her grandmother, always helping people to move around.

She was still small and a childish age. When she was a child she received lots of love from these two women. That love continued to support her after a turning point in her life that occurred when she was in kindergarten. Some time before starting to go to kindergarten she moved and started to live together with her father’s grandmother and grandfather. The paternal grandmother was exactly the opposite of the maternal grandmother. The distance between her beloved grandmother and aunt was greater than before, and it was a moment when her life was a little painful for her. From that point on her stress and atopy got worse. There were problems in the family and she always cried alone in bed. She was always too sad, I didn’t want to live there, and I wanted to go home. She did not know where she wanted to go back, but I wanted to go back to where she came from and felt that she wanted to disappear. From then on she had a dark, dark childhood and elementary school days, went to junior high school and grew from 12 to 13 …


Around that time, Jamie was born as the first child from English parents. Both are teachers. His father a strong character who is head teacher of an elementary school in England, and mother who is a bright primary school teacher like the sun.

As you can see without saying, Jamie received a lot of love from his parents. And he grew up worry free. When Jamie was still small and able to stand and walk freely and move freely, he started to make things with all his might with such small hands. Making a house with cardboard etc., make furniture. He was fascinated with creating a space. When he went out and started to play, he put up a tent. He liked to draw pictures of houses. He liked it and I couldn’t help it. (The little Jamie, now grown up, still has a pure heart of his little days, and just keeps doing what he likes. His wife, Alice, likes to look on at Jamie enjoying what he does. It makes her smile …)


At junior high school age some bright memories were made in contrast to her dark childhood. She began to notice that she liked music. A friend composed a song for her to sing. She was moved by the fun. At the same time, she sometimes began to experience the magical experience of channeling.


Jamie, who had now grown a little larger became interested in the guitar and started practicing because of the influence of his older cousin (now playing in bands in England and Australia etc.). In addition to his favorite creative things in design and art, etc., his love and interest in music would be renewed again in the future.


As a young adult her father’s alcoholism had escalated and life at home became so uncomfortably that she ran away with her mother. After that, communication with Alice’s beloved aunt (mother’s sister) resumed who helped them during this hard time…. Alice then decided to follow her dream for a long time of moving to Tokyo. She decided to leave. When she finally started to walk her chosen life she had various experiences, and also experienced the big heartbreaks, unemployment and isolation “bottom bottom”, and from there gradually recovered in “self counseling”, and then met with Jamie, and new experiences began…


Jamie came to Japan on a working holiday and soon found work as an architectural designer. And shortly after met Alice and fell in love. He planned to return home in a year, but was given a new visa from his company so postponed his return to the UK and is still in Japan for the time being. However, in the meantime, Jamie has married Alice and a surprising life has begun.

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