Welcome to the seminar page of ABCDEDEN. Alice has her own seminar in Tokyo. Through her life and experiences she has developed a unique self counselling technique. During these seminars Alice will discuss topics such as the relationship between self love and success, living from the inside out, not the inside in, expressing your true self, generosity, connecting with your spiritual family and synchronicity. 

“Alice has an interesting outlook and philosophy on the world. She has encouraged me to challenge myself in professional and personal endeavors. She believes that helping others brings personal success and happiness” J Eden

"Love yourself" seminar 6 month course

Starts 28 April with the second session on 12th May

It has been a great privilege to collaborate with my friend Hideko on this “love yourself seminar”. Following the first two trial sessions we now have a group of 8 enrolled for a six month course. 

If you would like to learn more about yourself and develop your true reality please join. You are welcome to attend one session or enroll for the entire six months. It has been lovely to meet everyone so far and looking forward to meeting new members. 

I am very grateful to my friend and collaborator Hideko who I have learnt a great deal from already. Thank you Hideko.  

More details can be found here

More details can also be found on the link below. 



【自分に恋しているサロン】<半年コース>4/28日からスタート(2回目 5/12)












The second ‘love yourself’ seminar and tea party will be held on 31st March.

The first session was a great success and more than half of the participants signed up for the following sessions running from April to September. 

The seminar is in collaboration with Hideko who is owner of the shared work and seminar space named Blossom. I feel the strength and greatness of Hideko and am honoured to work with her. My gratitude overflows.  

Please get in touch if you would like to join any of the future sessions. 

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